I started my photography journey in high school where I always had a camera in my hand. I loved the idea that I could freeze moments with the click of my finger. As I started college, I gravitated towards the photography field. A couple years later, and a few thousand photos snapped, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. I was ecstatic about all the extra free time I had to meet people, take photos, and create memories. I dabbled in a few different photography realms before discovering my passion for lifestyle fashion. 

So far, I have loved my photography portraits, conceptual-based concepts, and action shot-shoots has brought me to the exciting world of fashion and the incredible individuals behind it. Angles, lighting, and color contrast are all things that make or break a fashion-based shoot. I am confident that with me as your professional photographer, your experience will be personal, fun, and unforgettable. 

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